08 January 2015


In our section PROJECT – WP2 it is now possible to download the OPTIMIZEMED Handbook!

The main objective is the awareness raising at European and National level of good practices about the exchange of information between institutions and economic operators in the MED areas. In addition, in the second part of the Handbook, you can find the multilanguage Guidelines of OPTIMIZEMED e-platform!

20 December 2014

CAPITALIZATION WEEK - French national event

WORKSHOP: "La chaîne logistique en Méditerranée - Présentation de la plateforme OPTIMIZEMED

On 4th December 2014, CCI Marseille Provence organised a meeting in order to present the OPTIMIZEMED project and its e-platform. During the event have participated the representatives of the Maritime Port of Marseille, the Maritime and River Union, the company MGI, the Port of Barcelona and CCI Marseille Provence. The participants agreed on the usefulness of OPTIMIZEMED e-platform for the Med area.

02 December 2014

CAPITALIZATION WEEK - Greek national event

WORKSHOP: “Maritime Based Intermodality in Mediterranean: the present & the future

The Greek Workshop has been organized jointly by Piraeus Port Authority (PPA), CERTH/HIT and University of the Aegean (DeOPSys Lab). The Workshop was held in Piraeus on November the 28th, 2014 at the PPAs premises.

The workshop was focused on the current status and the future trends in the area of combined freight transport and port-centric logistics. In addition, the presentation of the OPTIMIZEMED project and its e-platform took place. The workshop had 1 Opening Session and 3 Main sessions.

The event followed the “triple helix model” and included participants from the three main areas namely: policy makers, academia and industry. Indeed the invited speakers as well as the attendants of the workshop created an interesting mixture of transport & logistics specialists that were able to discuss in detail all current issues as well as a series of challenges in the area of combined freight transport.

The feedback received are very encouraging and show that the e-platform is an interesting information system that combines very useful tools for port assessment (MED Observatory), Vessel tracking (AIS tool) and freight trip planning (Freight Transport Services). Future enhancements include the connection/integration of such system with liner’s on-line booking systems as well as with the provision of further data and KPIs that can be used for the evaluation of port operations in the MED area.

01 December 2014

CAPITALIZATION WEEK - Slovenian national event

WORKSHOP: “OPTIMIZEMED CAPITALIZATION WEEK – Optimizing of processes and best practices in logistics terminals”


The Slovenian workshop has been jointly organized by RDC Koper and Prometni Institut Ljubljana last 6th November in Ljubljana.

The most important part of the agenda was the presentation of the OPTIMIZEMED project and further presentation of OPTIMIZEMED tool, as well as other topics, including:

  • Innovative tools and information technologies for transport optimization
  • Innovative procedures and processes for increasing port and terminal activities
  • Risk prevention and safety tools

OPTIMIZEMED tool was presented in detail including all functionalities and instructions for use with practical examples.

The participants came from different parts of the country: logistics terminals, representatives of freight forwarders, institutes, universities and also representatives from the most important logistics terminals of Slovenia, such as: Port of Koper, Slovenian Railways and  BTC-Logistics Centre from Ljubljana.

It is possible to download the Agenda and the Press Release of the event in our WP2 section. Furthermore, follow the link for the Press Release after the event


24 November 2014

OPTIMIZEMED during the 1st Inte-Transit Conference in Valencia!

On 20th and 21st November, the Port of Valencia (Spain) hosted the first international conference of the European project Inte-Transit, entitled "Information & Communications Technologies as enablers for improved operations in modern ports", bringing together experts from Europe. The main objective of this project is to explain the role of information technologies (ICTs) in developing competitive and efficient ports.

The second day included a technical session engaged to the presentation of several MED projects that share with it goals and synergies. One of them was OPTIMIZEMED and whose e-platform was presented!

Download the agenda in our section WP2!


17 November 2014

CAPWEEK Event in FRANCE! Embarquez avec nous!

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«La chaîne logistique en Méditerranée»

The CAPWEEK event in France, organized by CCIMP, will take place on 4 December 2014, from 2am to 5.30 pm, at Palais de la Bourse – 9 la Canebière, 13001 Marseille.

Download the press release in our section WP2!

For more info follow the link

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11 November 2014

CAPITALIZATION WEEK - Italian national event



Last Thursday, on November 6th, the Italian CAPWEEK event “OPTIMIZEMED for the Mediterranean Sea” took place in Genova, at Galata Museo del Mare.

The Event has been organized at national level by the Italian partnership: Liguria Region, Province of Novara and Port Authority of Catania.

OPTIMIZEMED for the Mediterranean Sea” has been the occasion to present, at national level, OPTIMIZEMED project and, above all, the OPTIMIZEMED e-platform.

The event has been organized in an interactive way so as to give the opportunity to the stakeholders to test the platform and to interact during the event.

It also opened the doors to the stakeholders of the “future”: the students of the fifth years of the Nautical Institute - San Giorgio of Genova have actively participated showing their curiosity about the use of the platform and the possible improvements related to it.

The Event has also been the occasion to present other two MED projects:

COASTGAP” one of the thirteen Capitalization projects, that has been presented by Liguria Region and “IFreight MED” by the Port Authority of La Spezia.

11 November 2014


On YOUTUBE it is now available the tutorial video of OPTIMIZEMED e-Platform

Follow the link

10 November 2014

CAPITALIZATION WEEK - Spanish national event


On November 4th was held in Valencia, at the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping, the conference " HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE INTERMODAL TRANSPORT: OPTIMIZEMED PLATFORM" organized by the Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of the Valencia Region and FEPORTS, in the framework of the OPTIMIZEMED project; optimizing the supply chain, risk prevention and safety in maritime transport and increase economic and industrial activity in the area of the Mediterranean and its ports.

In it, has been presented OPTIMIZEMED online platform to approach companies technology tools to more efficiently organize intermodal transport, also has been thought with all stakeholders and actors, public and private institutions, companies, logistics operators, and other stakeholders on the possibility of using EU funds to improve planning and operational freight were and it was raised recommendations in the field of political action.

07 November 2014


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“Maritime Based Intermodality in Mediterranean: the present & the future”

The CAPWEEK event in GREECE will take place in the Premises of the port of Piraeus, next Thursday November 13th!

30 October 2014

CAPWEEK Event in SPAIN! Suba a bordo con nosotros!

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The CAPWEEK event in SPAIN will take place in Valencia, Cámara de Comercio de Valencia, on 4th November 2014. Here you have the link of the event

You can also download the press release in our section WP2!

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30 October 2014

CAPWEEK Event in ITALY! Sali a bordo con noi!

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The CAPWEEK event in ITALY will take place in Genova, Galata Museo del Mare, on 6th November 2014.

You can download the invitation and the press release in our section WP2!

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30 October 2014


Communication for all the OPTIMIZEMED Stakeholders and Followers!

On YOUTUBE we have uploaded the video, shot by CERTH, coordinating Partner of the WP3, that shows the main functionalities and services of the OPTIMIZEMED e-Platform. If you participate to the Capitalization week national workshops organized in Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Greece at the beginning of November, you can start tackling the Platform in an easy to use way!

Follow the link



30 October 2014

CAPWEEK Event in SLOVENIA!Vkrcajte se z nami!

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The CAPWEEK event in SLOVENIA will take place in  Ljubljana, Slovenian Railways, Kolodvorska 11 (steklena dvorana/glass hall), on 6th November 2014.

Below the link to the on-line registration form:

You can also download the agenda and the press release in our section WP2!

Vkrcajte se z nami!

09 October 2014

SECUR MED PLUS and OPTIMIZEMED take part to the SIET Annual Conference

Today, SECUR MED PLUS and OPTIMIZEMED are taking part to the Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Transport Economics and Logistics (SIET) that is occurring in Florence (Italy) during these days, 8 - 10 October 2014. The objective of this event is to discuss, in an interdisciplinary context, the most recent developments in research concerning transport and sustainable economic development, at different levels (urban, regional and global). Transport economists, regional and industrial economists, transportation engineers, statisticians, geographers, representatives of institutions, agencies and public authorities meet to share the results of their research activities. On this occasion, a special focus about one of the seven MED projects capitalized in OPTIMIZEMED, SECUR MED PLUS, aims to introduce the "Manual for identifying Social Responsibility Indicators in the logistics and maritime transportation sector". Download the Manual in our section WP2! Finally, during the event, the national workshops, that will be organized during the Capitalization Week, and their main objectives have been launched: the test of the Platform services by the targeted project stakeholders.

29 September 2014

OPTIMIZEMED at the European Researchers Night Event!

OPTIMIZEMED project has successfully participated in the European Researchers Night event which was held at Warehouse C in the Port of Thessaloniki in Greece on 26th September 2014.
During the event, the visitors had the opportunity to receive detailed information about the project, its scope and objectives as well as the first outcomes of the project. Additionally, the event was a great chance for the demonstration of the OPTIMIZEMED e-platform and its services to the public!

19 September 2014

Next steps towards the Capitalization Week

Back from summer holidays we are planning the next steps of OPTIMIZEMED.

The 5th Steering Committee of the Project will take place in Genoa (Italy) during the month of October in order to define the last organizational things to do before the “Capitalization Week” that will take place the first week of November 2014!

We remind you that OPTIMIZEMED Capitalization Week represents the key transnational event of the Capitalization strategy organized by the project Partners belonging to the five EU member States participating to OPTIMIZEMED: Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Greece.

Soon the dates of the National events will be published in order to allow our stakeholders to take part of the Workshops.

Be updated on OPTIMIZEMED! The 2nd Newsletter of the Project is online in its English version (Project - Workpackage 2). Soon the other versions in the partners languages will be online and able to be downloaded!

Stay on board with us! 

17 July 2014

Back from Koper

Back from Koper, we are now moving on towards the real organization of the Capitalization week! Please note that in order to allow the organization of the events in conjunction with each other in the 5 Partners’ Member States, the period has changed: the Capitalisation Week will take place at the beginning of November!
During the fourth Steering Committee, the Partners took stock of the situation concerning the state of the art of the e-platform and have planned the next steps required for its implementation.

The activities related to this phase are very critical and require a close and careful collaboration among the Partners in order to better provide a useful tool that could be really used by the stakeholders that are involved in the transport field of the MED area.
The link to e-platform is already available at the following link  but it is still under construction.

We remind you that the Capitalization Week is the occasion during which the e-platform will be presented and during which we will discuss about the future of the transport topics in the MED area. For more info stay tuned and follow us with the next updates!

09 July 2014

SC in Koper

OPTIMIZEMED Partners are going to meet in Koper on 9th July 2014. The meeting will focus on the the “OPTIMIZEMED Capitalization week” that will be organized in Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Greece during the next month of October and on the implementation of the “OPTIMIZEMED e-Platform”. The public and private stakeholders interested in transport issues will be invited for the first presentation of the “OPTIMIZEMED e-Platform”. The national events are expected to be unique occasions for discussing about the future of the transport topics at MED area, with specific reference to the maritime transport, the supply chain and the maritime safety and security.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @OPTIMIZEMED and on

02 July 2014

OPTIMIZEMED has set sail! Get on board with us!

OPTIMIZEMED, the only project in the transport field co-financed by the European Union MED Programme under the Capitalization call opened in 2012, aims to develop a “closer”, “smarter” and “greener” governance of the MED area. Eleven Partners, from five different MED Countries, have joint their efforts in transports issues, under the umbrella of OPTIMIZEMED, Optimizing and profiting best practices in the Med area on foreign trade, intermodal transport and maritime safety, for developing the “OPTIMIZEMED e-Platform” and disseminating the results achieved in seven MED projects. In fact, the project develops two main actions: the capitalization activities and the establishment of the OPTIMIZEMED e-platform, joining the databases and tools realized in the past projects.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @OPTIMIZEMED and on