The Work Package 3 “Improving the results and best practices by using IT tools & sharing experience” is organized in three main phases concerning the

identification and the analysis of the existing tools, included the ones of other projects related to the transport field, the establishment and development of the “OPTIMIZEMED e-platform” and the drawing up of implications for future OPTIMIZEMED platform enhancements. The relevant public and private stakeholders will be able to access to the different tools and databases thanks to OPTIMIZEMED multiservice platform that will integrate them, creating a model of single window for multimodal transport.

The OPTIMIZEMED e-platform is the principal objective of this Work Package and, more in general, of the project. Its development is mainly organized in seven steps:

1 - Mapping of the methodologies used and data collecting in each project.

2 - Update and enriching of the databases.

3 - Development of a MED Observatory,
which is considered the first pillar of the OPTMIZEMED e-platform (it will contain static information, historic data and KPIs).

4 - Mapping of tools developed under the 7 projects.

5 - “Intelligent” correlation of the existing services, 
that concerns: the second pillar which deal with “Transport/Chain Planning ser.vices” and the third pillar that refers to “Chain execution monitoring” (for cargo tracking and real time info provision).

6 - Multisystem platform development.

7 - Indications for further enhancements.